Embedding an Album’s Map

You can embed an album’s map into a blog or other web site, so that your stories–or those from your readers or community–can be browsed by time and place on your site. For example, Seattle’s NBC television affiliate, KING, embedded an album’s map on www.king5.com that showed where people were when an earthquake struck, and what their stories were.

Each story is represented on the map by a thumbnail, and clicking the thumbnail brings up a preview that shows the story’s headline, lead photo, or both. Clicking on the preview leads to the story on Intersect, although if you want to make it a direct link to a non-Intersect URL (such as the address of your story on your blog or site) you can do that too.

Map TabIt’s cut-and-paste simple. Visit the album and click the Map tab on the right side. This displays a map of the album’, showing thumbnails of where stories were. By adjusting the Time Selector, you can display just the stories for certain periods. Clicking on a thumbnail gives you a preview of the story or stories that appear at that location. In this example, a story about the Bridge of Sighs is previewed:


When a viewer clicks on the preview, they are taken to the story on Intersect.

If you prefer that the preview link directly to a URL that is not on Intersect, then make the the URL the only text in the story. You can write any headline you like, and any tags, and give the story a time and place. But in the text, include only the URL, starting with “http.”

Whether the map’s previews link to Intersect stories or whether they link elsewhere, you embed the map in an identical way: Simply click the Embed this map link that is just below the lower right corner of the map. (The red arrow points to it in the illustration above.)

A control area opens below the map. It includes code that you copy and paste into your blog or other site, to cause the map to be embedded. In the illustration below, this code is highlighted.

If you make changes, such as choosing a different size for the embedded map, or deciding to not include the time selector, the code changes to reflect your preferences. Specify everything and then copy the code and paste it into your site.

Note:  Emedding involves iframes, which sometimes are blocked by hosting providers. For example, the WordPress blogging platform supports iframes and thus Intersect embedding, but the hosting provider wordpress.com blocks these iframes (and an enormous range of other things).


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