Overview: What is Intersect?

Share your passions on Intersect. If you’re a foodie, capture photos of your meals. If you’re an enthralled parent, capture videos and memories of your child. Whether you’re a birder, a ballplayer or a barista, you have memories to make and keep.

With Intersect it’s easy to capture stories, directly from life or by importing them from other social media. You can share publicly and discover how your stories intersect with those of other people, or you can share privately with just certain people.

Post a story to as many albums as you like. Your Instagram photo of a great meal at the beach might go in both your “Food” and “Travel” albums, if you create those albums. Or borrow public stories from other people and post them to an album.

Use intersect.com or the Intersect iPhone app.

Intersect honors privacy. We don’t sell your stories to advertisers. We don’t trick you into over-sharing. We just want you to have a place to save and share what matters to you.


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